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Are you looking for ways to supercharge your marketing processes? Want to learn how ChatGPT can improve the marketing tools you may already use?

Lessiter Media shares its ChatGPT tips in this infographic.

They cover the following examples:

  • Answer The Public
  • Copywriting frameworks like AIDA
  • SEO tools like SEMrush
  • Facebook Page Transparency Ad Library
  • Synthesia

Check out the infographic for more information.

5 Marketing Tools to Use with ChatGPT for Incredible Results [Infographic]


In today’s digital age, businesses are constantly searching for innovative ways to engage with their target audience and drive their marketing efforts to new heights.

Chatbots have emerged as a powerful tool in this pursuit, offering a dynamic means of interaction with customers.

ChatGPT, a cutting-edge language model developed by OpenAI, has been at the forefront of this revolution, enabling businesses to create chatbots that can respond intelligently and authentically to customer queries.

However, to truly harness the potential of ChatGPT, it’s essential to complement it with the right marketing tools.

In this blog post, we’ll explore five marketing tools that, when used in conjunction with ChatGPT, can yield incredible results.

Answer The Public

One of the key aspects of successful marketing is understanding what your audience wants and needs.

This is where “Answer The Public” comes into play. It’s a powerful keyword research tool that helps you uncover the questions and topics your target audience is searching for online.

By integrating this tool with ChatGPT, you can create a chatbot that not only responds to customer queries but also anticipates their questions and provides relevant, valuable information.

How to Use “Answer The Public” with ChatGPT

  • Identify Key Topics: Start by entering relevant keywords or phrases related to your industry, products, or services into the “Answer The Public” tool. It will generate a list of questions and topics that people are actively searching for on search engines and social media.
  • Create Chatbot Responses: Using ChatGPT, craft responses to these questions and topics. Ensure that the responses are informative and engaging, providing valuable insights to the users.
  • Engage Prospective Customers: Integrate the chatbot with your website or social media platforms. As users interact with the chatbot, it can answer their questions and guide them towards your products or services.

Benefits of Using “Answer The Public” with ChatGPT

  • Enhanced User Experience: By anticipating and answering users’ questions effectively, you enhance their experience with your brand, fostering trust and credibility.
  • Improved SEO: Addressing common queries identified through “Answer The Public” can help improve your website’s search engine ranking by targeting relevant keywords and topics.
  • Lead Generation: Engaging users with valuable information can lead to increased lead generation and conversions.

Copywriting Frameworks like AIDA

AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action – a classic copywriting framework that has been used for decades to create compelling marketing messages.

Integrating ChatGPT with the AIDA framework can help you craft persuasive and engaging chatbot interactions that drive conversions.

How to Use AIDA with ChatGPT

  • Attention: Use ChatGPT to create attention-grabbing opening lines or greetings for your chatbot. These lines should pique the user’s interest and make them want to continue the conversation.
  • Interest: Provide valuable information or solutions to the user’s queries, keeping them engaged and interested in what your business offers.
  • Desire: Showcase the benefits of your products or services using persuasive language generated by ChatGPT. Highlight how your offerings can fulfill the user’s needs or desires.
  • Action: Encourage users to take a specific action, such as making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or scheduling a consultation.

Benefits of Using AIDA with ChatGPT

  • Higher Conversion Rates: By following the AIDA framework, you can create chatbot interactions that guide users towards taking the desired action, resulting in higher conversion rates.
  • Engaging Conversations: ChatGPT can generate engaging and persuasive content that keeps users interested throughout the conversation.
  • Clear Call to Action: The AIDA framework helps you craft a clear and compelling call to action that encourages users to act immediately.

SEO Tools like SEMrush

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a crucial role in the online visibility of your business.

When ChatGPT is combined with powerful SEO tools like SEMrush, you can create a chatbot that not only provides information but also helps users discover your website through relevant search queries.

How to Use SEMrush with ChatGPT

  • Keyword Research: Utilize SEMrush to identify high-ranking keywords in your industry. ChatGPT can then generate content around these keywords for your chatbot.
  • Content Optimization: Ensure that the responses generated by ChatGPT are SEO-friendly. This includes using the identified keywords strategically and optimizing the content for search engines.
  • Competitor Analysis: SEMrush can also help you analyze your competitors’ online presence. ChatGPT can generate insights and suggestions based on this analysis to help you outperform the competition.

Benefits of Using SEMrush with ChatGPT

  • Improved Search Visibility: By incorporating high-ranking keywords and optimizing your content, you can increase your website’s visibility on search engine results pages.
  • Data-Driven Insights: SEMrush provides valuable data and insights that ChatGPT can use to generate informed and relevant responses.
  • Competitive Edge: Analyzing competitors and utilizing ChatGPT’s capabilities can give you a competitive edge in your industry.

Facebook Page Transparency Ad Library

The Facebook Page Transparency Ad Library is a tool that allows you to see all the active ads from a particular Facebook Page, providing valuable insights into your competitors’ advertising strategies.

By integrating this tool with ChatGPT, you can create a chatbot that offers users information about your competitors’ ads and highlights how your products or services stand out.

How to Use Facebook Page Transparency Ad Library with ChatGPT

  • Identify Competitors: Start by identifying your main competitors on Facebook. These are the Pages whose ads you want to track.
  • Access the Ad Library: Use the Facebook Page Transparency Ad Library to access information about your competitors’ active ads. This includes ad creative, targeting, and engagement metrics.
  • Generate Insights: ChatGPT can analyze the data from the Ad Library and generate insights or comparisons between your ads and those of your competitors.
  • Engage Users: Integrate the chatbot with your Facebook Page or website, allowing users to inquire about competitors’ ads and receive informative responses generated by ChatGPT.

Benefits of Using Facebook Page Transparency Ad Library with ChatGPT

  • Competitive Analysis: Gain a deeper understanding of your competitors’ advertising strategies and messaging.
  • Transparency: Show users that you are transparent about your competition and confident in your own offerings.
  • Differentiation: Use the insights provided by ChatGPT to highlight what sets your business apart from competitors.


Synthesia is a tool that allows you to create AI-generated video content with customizable avatars.

By integrating Synthesia with ChatGPT, you can take your marketing to the next level by delivering personalized video messages to your audience.

How to Use Synthesia with ChatGPT

  • Script Generation: ChatGPT can assist in generating scripts for your video content, ensuring that the messaging aligns with your marketing goals.
  • Avatar Customization: Use Synthesia to create customizable avatars that can deliver your message in a human-like manner.
  • Video Creation: Synthesize the video content using the generated script and avatars.
  • Distribution: Share the personalized videos on your website, social media, email marketing, or other relevant platforms.

Benefits of Using Synthesia with ChatGPT


Incorporating ChatGPT into your marketing strategy can be a game-changer for your business, but the real magic happens when you combine it with the right marketing tools.

Tools like “Answer The Public,” AIDA copywriting frameworks, SEMrush, Facebook Page Transparency Ad Library, and Synthesia can enhance the capabilities of ChatGPT and help you achieve incredible results in your marketing efforts.

Remember that the key to success lies not only in using these tools but also in leveraging them creatively and strategically. By doing so, you can create a dynamic and engaging marketing ecosystem that not only responds to customer queries but also proactively guides them towards conversion.

Embrace the synergy of ChatGPT and these marketing tools, and watch your business soar to new heights in the digital landscape.

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