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A quick-witted companion who always knows what to say (and has a creative way of saying it). 

Meet our Producer & Writer, Kristin.  

Kristin’s start at Drift was fate. What started as a joke about looking for a company with a 4 day work week, later became her reality. We needed a talented & witty writer. Kristin needed more work-life balance. Some may say it was meant to be. 

Kristin wears a lot of hats here at Drift. She started out as our project manager, making sure everyone stayed happy and projects stayed on schedule. Not long after, she revealed her incredible talent for writing mouthwatering copy that keeps clients coming back for more. She now doubles as our project manager and copywriter. Besides having a permanent 3 day weekend, Kristin’s favorite part of working here is being surrounded by wildly creative people. Touché.  

If you read Kristin’s Airbnb hacks blog post, you know that she loves traveling with her husband. She loves art, documents her attempts at golf trick shots on her golf gram, and spends lots of cozy evenings with her 7 pound fluff nugget, Gus.

She says that she’s “just happy to be here”; we couldn’t be happier to have her.

gus  kristin and david

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