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Shannon Bahrke is a 2-time Olympic skier and an entrepreneur right here in Utah. She’s one of the most passionate and energetic business owners I’ve ever met, so when she came to me wanting to vamp up her DIY Squarespace website, I was so excited! I knew we could create something that would allow Shannon to present a professional image, while allowing her unique flair and personality to shine.


Brand Aesthetic + Mood Board

Shannon Bahrke is known for her iconic pink hair, so we knew we absolutely wanted to incorporate hot pink into her new brand color palette. She’s an Olympian inspired by the red, white and blue from the U.S. flag. So the challenge became- was there a way to bring the U.S.’s Olympic colors together with her signature pink hue?

Normally, I wouldn’t think right off the bat to put red and hot pink together, but I wanted to create something that was super unique and allowed for the vibrancy of Shannon’s personality to come through. By utilizing a brighter shade of red that has a tiny bit of pink to it, I was able to pair it with some neutral greys and charcoal that fall in the blue range of the color spectrum.

To balance the hot pink and red, I added a softer hue with the blush pink that allowed this palette to come together cohesively. What a fun combination this palette turned out to be!


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Logo Design

Ideal Customer Profile

20 – 55
male or female

They value ROI, want to feel like they made a great choice, make their job easier. Typical customer is someone in an HR position, marketing position and CEOs.

Inspiring moments, setting hard goals, hard work, executing when the pressure is high, honesty, integrity and believing in oneself.

The logo design for the Shannon Bahrke brand allowed us to have quite a bit of fun, bringing in a juicy color gradient and some nice movement. Inspired by the curvature of ski runs, I wanted to incorporate a subtle nod to the fact that Shannon’s Olympic medals were earned on the slopes. Incorporating her initials with the “S” nested inside of the “B”, this turned out to be a beautiful and clean way to present the elements.

What I love most about this logo is that it is designed to grow with Shannon as she expands her businesses. There isn’t an overly obvious ski reference that would tie her down as she pursues other avenues like public speaking and team building.

Adding this gorgeous hot pink texture to the logo allows us to have something that really screams bold, yet professional and completely characteristic of Shannon’s unique style.


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Website Design

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Shannon had a DIY website that was previously created on Squarespace, which she felt needed a little bit of upgrading to help elevate the design and presentation to it’s best.

We combed through her existing site and determined which of the pages content we wanted to keep, and how we could create a better flow. I wanted to ensure that we were creating the optimal user-experience on the new site, with a focus on the 4 different offerings Shannon has.

Making sure that these four offerings were front and center, we featured graphic boxes that linked to the individual pages. We also highlighted the different ways to work with Shannon with small sections that then funnel through to the individual service page. Check out Shannon’s new site today at!




Shannon’s Feedback

“Words cannot express how grateful I am for Ali w/ Dapper Fox Design. I have worked with her on several projects and each time she exceeds my expectations! Not only does she outshine her competition in the design department but she is professional, hits every deadline and makes every step along the way easy to understand. I wish I could have 10 “Alis” in my company as she is that valuable and wonderful to work with. If you are wavering back and forth on who you want to hire for your design needs, STOP HERE, look no further, Dapper Fox is the absolute choice you NEED to make!!”