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Website design in Oakville is certainly very competitive area. However, did you ever try and obtain a quote? If you try and obtain a quote from 5 different companies, located few KM from one another you are assured to receive a different quote from each one. You might receive one that is somewhat close, but the odds are that each one of them will be at least $300.00 off one another. The least expensive one might be a good one to start with, but look over the entire quotation. The most expensive companies might throw in extra stuff that you might not have thought about, and those could outdo $300.00 difference.
Who do you pick? The least expensive, the most expensive or the one with middle ground. The first point that I would like to suggest is going with someone who has provided a very detailed quotation. All the specifications that you have provided should appear in the quotation. Look for inconsistencies and look at the “freebie” that some may include.

Second point in choosing the right company for yourself, is to ask for references. Call the provided references and write down which references panned out.

Third point is considering work they have previously done. See if it’s the style you are looking for. Keep in mind that if you are dealing with 1 person operation, the odds are their style will remain the same. Therefore, looking at their previous work will provide you with a good inclination the type of result you might receive.  

Fourth and final point I would like to point out is that if you are not happy with the 5 quotes you have received. Don’t feel obligated to choose any of them. Continue your search because in the end its your money and it’s your brand. Passion for Business has additional information on how to choose a proper web designer. It’s a great starter to read over.