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Every office has a joyful and witty team dad. Allow us to introduce you to ours.

Meet our Web Developer, Wade.  

While pursuing his degree from Texas A&M, Wade interned at Drift. He dazzled us with his excitement and skill for all things coding, so we asked him to work with us full-time.  

Wade Has been turning our designs and crazy ideas into functional websites for over three years. Check out some of his work for clients like Eagle Metal and Terrence Murphy Companies. He loves learning new things and never shies away from a challenge. Two traits we value highly — especially when it applies to the ever-evolving world of web development. When asked what his favorite part of working at Drift is, he spoke of our team’s collaborative approach to projects. A method that would be less effective, and significantly less fun, without Wade. 

When he isn’t working, Wade and his wife spend most of their time with their adorable son, Archer (I mean, who can blame them). However, he does find an occasional moment to enjoy hobbies like 3D printing, video games, and growing his fascination with cryptocurrency.

We are extremely grateful for Wade, his sense of humor, and all the hard work he contributes to our team.

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